laureen and baby

About Me

Hello, my name is Laureen. I am married with five lovely grown up children and seven gorgeous grandchildren.

My background is in teaching and I am a qualified infant teacher. I taught until my first baby came along but subsequently changed to being a supervisor at the local Playgroup in which I was involved for many years.

I then had a change in direction and trained to teach E.S.O.L (English to Speakers of Other Languages). I have been an Adult Education tutor for a number of years and I continue to teach on a voluntary basis.

I have been fortunate enough to have given birth to all my children naturally, and I consider each one as an amazing miracle.

I believe passionately in the ability of a woman to birth her baby and whilst there is a place for medical interventions, most women, with loving support and care, can give birth without them.

My aim is to provide you with the knowledge to help you make your own decisions, provide you and your partner with the care and support you deserve to help make your experience of the birth of your baby a positive and joyful one.


  • I am a Certified birth doula with Nurturing Birth.
  • I am a recognised doula with Doula UK, the main doula organisation in the UK (I adhere to Doula UK's Philosophy and code of conduct).
  • I hold full Professional Liability insurance and I am fully CRB checked.


  • Attended Surrey and Sussex Annual Breastfeeding Conference with speakers Dr Coleman Greenway - neonatal consultant at ESH and Mark Harris RMD September 2017
  • Attended Homebirth Conference - 'Inspiring Women', with speakers Ina May Gaskin and Sheena Byron - March 2016
  • Supporting Every Birth workshop focusing on pregnancy and infant loss, facilitated by Michelle Every - Nov 2014
  • Robozo workshop with Stacia Smates Hill - Oct 2014
  • Breastfeeding Study Day - Developing Doulas - 2014
  • Spinning Babies Study Day with Gail Tully June 2013
  • Twins Course with Naomi Kemeny Sept 2011
  • Breastfeeding, Oxytocin and the Maternal Brain: Implications for Child Neglect? - talk by Dr Lane Strathearn May 2011
  • Ecstatic Birth and other good news about parenting - talk by Sarah Buckley GP, homebirth mother, author Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering May 2011
  • I have attended a Waterbirth Study Day with midwife and lecturer Dianne Garland SRN RMAM PGCEA Msc - Oct 2010
  • I have attended a Study Day with the leading obstetrician Michel Odent - March 2009
  • Nurturing Birth Breastfeeding Workshop - Level 2
  • Nurturing Birth Experienced Birth Doula Workshop - Level 2 - May 2009
  • Nurturing Birth doula and postnatal doula training course - April 2008

Experience & Specialities

I became a doula because, after having the privilege of being at the birth of one of my grandchildren. The midwife asked me whether I had thought of becoming a doula. Because I wanted to help other women to have a positive birth experience and be able to look back on it as being a fulfilling, joyful experience I decided in 2007 to train to become a birth and postnatal doula.

I have experienced hospital births at Worthing Hospital, East Surrey Hospital, St Richard's Hospital, Chichester and The Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath. I am equally happy to attend your birth at a birthing centre or at home. I have supported births which have been induced, births with epidurals, caesareans and also births which have been without any medical intervention. I have had experience of VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), home births and water births.

I have gained so much experience through being a mother of five and a grandmother, many times over! Because of this, and with the knowledge and experience I gain from each birth I attend, I offer a wealth of information and support to families in their journey through childbirth and beyond.

"A doula is trained and experienced in providing encouragement, reassurance, non-medical advice and physical comfort throughout labour and birth. She also gives support to the father or other partner. There is powerful evidence that having a woman with you, who is not part of the hospital institution and who focuses on giving you one-to-one continuous support makes birth more satisfying and safer for mother and baby." - Sheila Kitzinger

"A doula's job is to take care of you so that you can focus on your baby's care." - Ina May Gaskin