During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Remote antenatal, birth, and postnatal†support

Laureen and baby

At this difficult time there are some of you who are wondering whether their partners are going to be allowed with them during birth, and this is is in addition to the hundreds women who have seen the provision of birth and postnatal support diminish in front of their eyes with homebirth services cancelled and birth centres closed. It is heartbreaking.

In West Sussex and our small corner of Surrey at least we have some clarity around the hospital/homebirth restrictions and a better sense of the options available to you over the coming months. This helps removes some uncertainty.

And birth will happen. That is one thing we can be sure of.†I am able to help you with my remote antenatal preparation, and Iíll be right here if you need me for guidance, support, a listening ear or a virtual hug.

Birth package

My birth package during this time is £300 and consists of:

  • Being on call for your birth and being available to be present virtually during the birth, by smartphone.
  • Being available for phone/video calls during the first few weeks to talk you through the first stages post-birth and to provide reassurance
  • Preparation for you and your family for birth, creating plans or preferences for their care, exploring and considering a wide range of options.
  • Calmfullness and mindfulness techniques during labour Ė thinking about what comfort measures will work for you.
  • Discussing information on birthing locations and local health providers
  • Helping your and your family prepare for those crucial first few hours, days, and weeks with your new baby
  • I will also endeavour to help source items that a new parent needs.
  • I can also signpost you to evidence-based information so that families arenít having to over- expose themselves to potentially triggering and fear-inducing social media posts

To discuss the birth package or elements of it, please Contact me for a free telephone consultation.


This complete package is £300. However, in these difficult times, I can offer elements of the package for less to meet your individual budget. I can also offer payment plans to spread the cost over a longer period.

Additional info

A positive upshot of this dreadful pandemic is your families have been gifted the time and space to connect in ways long forgotten. A time to prepare gently for birth. To rest, potter, nest, chat, nourish and nurture one another.

Once your baby is born, the delicious slow pace can continue as you get to know each other and recover from birth. You will all be transitioning to a new normal family dynamic. No rush, you have time here.† Nothing is more important than this. Really allow yourself to honour the 4th Trimester.

I am disappointed that I wonít be able to offer post-natal support in person. I absolutely adore holding the space for new families but I draw huge comfort from all that I have written above and feel sure you will be well prepared!

You are on my mind as you rise up to current challenges.† I am learning to work differently as a doula.

Anyone seeking a listening ear, information and support can be assured that doulas across the country are transforming the way they work, offering creative solutions for pregnant people and families so they can access non-judgemental support and guidance through these unprecedented times.


"I would have a doula for my next birth as I would like to feel safe again, like I had a 'sane' brain by my side who knows what kind of labour I want and can help me achieve it" - Sarah

"I don't know how I would have managed without my lovely doula, Laureen. She just got on with everything and was really helpful yet not intrusive during the birth. She was calm and sanguine and a Godsend after the birth as I tried to juggle everything" - Joanne

"Laureen was incredible - calm, experienced and very knowledgable. She made me feel safe and strong. I would not hesitate to recommend Laureen" - Isabelle